Using this site

Yumi Sabe is an ever growing platform, designed to allow all types of users to discover and present their research.

Project owners are enabled to control how their work is found. Project owners are able to highlight how their research was conducted, and to help promote the ethical conduct of research, in partnership with Indigenous communities.


Yumi Sabe contains project information (and data), as well as related organisations and researcher profiles.

Projects are discoverable via the search and filter options, as well as in interactive map interface.

Users can register for an account, and then create instances of their own project content, as well as applying for ownership of content within the system.

Yumi Sabe will grow and increasingly become a valuable resource to for discovering and presenting research, as well as helping guide all people interested in the research landscape.

Navigating the site

The main site menu is the best place to browse content with the site.

Search directly from the main menu, and browse further information such as:

  • The Indigenous Research Fund
  • Research guidance and assessment
  • Browse project by topic


Search directly via the search button in the main menu, or go directly to the search page.

Browse projects by topic on the Topics page.

The search page

Typing in to the search field will return results as you type.


Refine your search results by expanding the FILTER button. From here you can narrow your search by various tags (facets) within the system.


Projects that are tagged with a Topic value can be found here. Only tags that have been used will appear here as facets.

Indigenous Involvement

Projects that have listed as having Indigenous Involvement can be found here, listed by the type of involvement.

CTG Goals

Projects that relate to one or more of the current Closing the Gap goals.

Output Types

Projects that have a listed project output can be found here.

Not mapped / Mapped tabs


Projects that have a Community Group listed ad being involved and / or related to the project, will appear in the Mapped tab.

Mapped projects will also be discoverable via the map interface.

Note: As you move and resize within the map, the results list on will update automatically based on the area that is visible.

Not Mapped

All other projects will be visible here.

View mode

Toggle the display of the search results here:

  • list only
  • list and map
  • map only