We are constantly working to improve the Yumi Sabe experience for all users. Our Changelog gives you an insight into what we've recently completed and what we're working on. Take a look below.

October - 2023

  • Various updates to field displays, descriptions and help text
  • various UX improvements to Projects, Organisations, user registration and my account sections
  • Added new user guides

Jul- Sep 2023

  • Layout tweaks for all user types
  • User account menu enhanced
  • Content editing enhancements
Platform management
  • Administration tools enhanced
  • Various management UI updates
  • Users dashboard updated
  • Content management process updated

Apr - Jun 2023

  • Search UI update for mobile
  • Updates to project by term views
  • Updates to Indigenous Involvement terms and display
  • Updated project contacts field
Platform management
  • Content management tools updated
  • Custom bulk import tools created
  • Various management UI updates
  • Users dashboard added
  • Updated email verification process
  • Updated user content update requests workflow

Jan - Mar 2023

  • Updated user forms
  • Various enhancements to map display and behaviour
  • Updated email templates
  • Updated user card display
  • Enhanced responsive theme
  • Users dashboard added
  • Added notification system for users content updates
  • New / edited projects management system
  • Update registration form and process
  • Various form bug fixes
Platform management
  • Enhanced revisioning for content edits
  • Added quality control fields to content

Oct - Dec 2022

  • Various updates / enhancements to map and search UI
  • Updated project status display
  • Updated supporting partners display
Platform management
  • User management tools
  • Organisation owner request system
  • Project owner request system
  • Updated user profile information and display
  • Increased topic vocabulary to 2 levels

Jul - Sep 2022

Data management
  • AustLang data connectors added
  • Created data importer
  • Audited topic values
  • Added project contact field to Project
  • Updated search index
  • Various theme updates / enhancements
  • Search layout updated
  • Standardised result cards image display
  • Updated logo
  • Updated home page
  • Updated cultural warning
  • Added Indigenous Involvement notes to Project sidebar
Platform management
  • Various management tools added
  • URL pathing convention updated
  • Ability to relate Impacts per Project
Topics landing page
  • Browse projects via topic tags added
Map / search display
  • Updated cluster and point markers and behaviour
  • Added further information search result items

Apr - Jun 2022

Project outputs
  • Connection added between projects and project outputs
  • Responsive theme added
Search filters
  • Topics
  • Indigenous Involvement
  • CTG Goals
  • Output Types
Interactive map
  • Live filtering of results via map window
  • Map results clustering