Climate change

Cross-cultural management of freshwater on resource-constrained islands

This project aims to develop a methodology for community-led adaptive water management on resource-constrained islands and will involve Indigenous communities in the development of predictive groun

Environmental and cultural change along the Central Murray River

The aim of this project is to understand how past people in the riverine landscapes of the Murray-Darling Basin (MDB) were influenced by and adapted to environmental change.

Colour change: Artistic/ritual responses to climate flux in Australasia

People living today have complex behaviours and social interactions that are evolutionarily unique.

Rock Art of the Western Desert and Great Basin: long term social responses to environmental change

Rock art was integral to modern humans colonising Australia (earth's most arid continent) as well as the deserts of the USA.

Murujuga: Dynamics of the Dreaming

Despite the acknowledged National Heritage significance of the Dampier Archipelago's petroglyphs and stone features, there has been little research which assists in knowing when, why and how t

Dating Murujuga's Rock Art: new scientific approaches

This project aims to produce data of national scientific and social significance that will assist our understanding of the nature of Aboriginal settlement in northwestern Australia and the role tha

Aboriginal rock art and cultural heritage management in Cape York Peninsula

The Laura Sandstone Basin of Cape York Peninsula hosts one of the richest bodies of rock art in Australia and the world.

“Waka Ngurrkanhayngu”: Regenerating the existence of life Reducing the risk of natural and social disasters – reviving and strengthening Indigenous law, culture and governance in remote Indigenous communities

Reducing disaster risks is an urgent priority. Especially in Northern Australia substantial natural processes seriously threaten human health and life, and bear enormous environmental, social