Data management

Child health and development: a South Australian data linkage study

Children’s healthy development is important for their readiness to learn, academic achievement at school, and for their future health and economic capability.

Talking Country: Sharing Indigenous stories of place through mobile media

This project aims to investigate how media technologies can facilitate cross-cultural engagement between Indigenous and non-Indigenous people.

Indigenous Lifecourse Research, Data Governance and Capacity Building

This project aims to contribute to rectifying 3 significant gaps in Indigenous research in relation to data; a lack of Indigenous lifecourse research to inform policy development; a lack of Indigen

Aboriginal remote narrowcast TV and the audio-visual archive

This project aims to investigate the world’s best practices in community narrowcast digital TV and contemporary methods for the long-term storage of both digital and analogue audio-visual cultural

The Foley Collection

The Foley Collection is a selection of digital works from a major historic archive collected over the past 45 years by Aborigi

Indigenous Data Governance in Australia: Towards A National Framework

Australia's distinctive colonial administrative history has resulted in the generation and capture of large quantities of personal data about Indigenous Peoples in Australia, which is currently con