Health system

Aboriginal Health and Wellbeing

This CRE is innovative because it brings new Aboriginal knowledge and perspectives into services for Aboriginal people.

Epidemiology of Heart Failure in Aboriginal And Non-Aboriginal Peoples.

Heart failure is the inability of the heart to provide adequate blood to meet the needs of the body, leading to lethargy, breathlessness and an early death.

Taking the next steps: Informing the transformation of the research sector to respond to Aboriginal research priorities and ways of conducting research.

Aboriginal health research in South Australia is guided by Next Steps for Aboriginal Health Research and the South Australian Aboriginal Health Research Accord (ACCORD).

“Cultural Security Is an On-Going Journey . . . ” Exploring Views from Staff Members on the Quality and Cultural Security of Services for Aboriginal Families in Western Australia

Cultural security is a key element of accessible services for Indigenous peoples globally, although few studies have examined this empirically.

“Cultural brokerage” and beyond: piloting the role of an urban Aboriginal Mental Health Liaison Officer

Suboptimal use of mental health services persists for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.

Improving the patient journey for Indigenous patients from remote areas

This project supports a program of cultural reforms to improve cultural sensitivity in acute health care institutions.

Carers' perspectives on an effective Indigenous health model for childhood asthma in the Torres Strait

OBJECTIVE: To describe parents'/carers' views of the characteristics of a clinical service model shown to improve asthma outcomes.  PARTICIPANTS: Thirty‐five children received the intervention and

Hiding the story: Indigenous consumer concerns about communication related to chronic disease in one remote region of Australia

This paper reports on a collaborative qualitative study which explored education and communication practice related to chronic disease from the perspectives of Aboriginal people in a remote region

Looking Forward - Moving Forward: Transforming systems to improve mental health and drug and alcohol outcomes for Aboriginal peoples

Despite the clear need for support, Aboriginal people do not access mental health and drug and alcohol services at a level that corresponds with their need.

“I know it’s bad for me and yet I do it”: exploring the factors that perpetuate smoking in Aboriginal Health Workers - a qualitative study

Aboriginal Health Workers (AHWs) have a mandate to deliver smoking cessation support to Aboriginal people.