Indigenous leaders: lawful relations from encounter to treaty

This project aims to draw together history, law and the creative arts to recover, make visible and make accessible the continuous traditions of Indigenous people’s leadership in conducting lawful r

Talking Country: Sharing Indigenous stories of place through mobile media

This project aims to investigate how media technologies can facilitate cross-cultural engagement between Indigenous and non-Indigenous people.

Recognition after Uluru: what next for First Nations?

This project aims to examine the extent to which Australia’s system of government appropriately serves and represents the interests of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.

Garuwanga: Forming a Competent Authority to protect Indigenous knowledge

Garuwanga: Forming a Competent Authority to protect Indigenous knowledge.

Indigenous nationhood in the absence of recognition: Self-governance insights and strategies from three Aboriginal communities

This important project anticipated the substantial political changes that now characterise Indigenous communities’ relationships with Australian state governments, a circumstance that often led to

The Foley Collection

The Foley Collection is a selection of digital works from a major historic archive collected over the past 45 years by Aboriginal activi

Yarrabah Counts – Policy, planning, population, measures & monitoring.

Community development is an approach commonly used amongst Aboriginal communities in Australia to identify priorities for advancement (Snijder et al. 2015).

Still Here: Sovereignty and the Queensland Aboriginal community controlled sector

This project explores how Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities have exercised control through community sector organisations.

Local decision-making: Priority setting in the Alice Springs town camps

We have developed a Wellness Framework for Aboriginal people residing in Alice Springs Town Camps and have utilised this framework to develop a robust survey tool to measure the wellness of Town Ca

Mapping Boodjar: Walyalup Fremantle Cross-Cultural Mapping

Cartographic representations of the Western Australian landscape are a powerful visual manifestation of the author’s perspective and spatial understanding of place.