Natural Language Generation for Aboriginal Languages

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Macquarie University

Natural Language Generation for Aboriginal Languages. Australian Aboriginal languages have a number of interesting characteristics that make them a challenge for language technology applications; as yet, there are none, unlike for the indigenous Inuit peoples of Canada and Maori of New Zealand. We will carry out a large-scale computational linguistic investigation of an Aboriginal language to create a data-to-text natural language generation system.

The system will use data from Australian Rules Football to automatically construct articles based on the data. This study of computational linguistics will have further national benefits through engagement of the owners of the language in the language survey, as well as generating articles that will encourage literacy and language maintenance.


Complex predicates in Arrernte
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Dras, Mark; Lareau, François; Börschinger, Benjamin; Dale, Robert; Motazedi, Yasaman; Rambow, Owen C.; Turpin, Myfany; Ulinski, Morgan Elizabeth
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