Tracking three significant Songlines of Country

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This project aims to track three significant Songlines and the intersecting and interconnected cultural relationships between northwest NSW Aboriginal language groups, and their neighbouring language groups northeast of the Darling River and northwest into northeast SA and the Corner Country. Indigenous oral history methodologies will provide a dynamic, rich and deep cultural knowledge and history of each site. The project is of major importance to Indigenous Communities in NSW, SA and QLD and will also develop the wider public’s understanding of Aboriginal history and culture. In particular, the project seeks to emphasise that Aboriginal stories are not myths and legends and are more than ‘stories’ simply understood. Aboriginal stories are lore and provide deep insight into the history of the Australian continent.


Songlines: Tracking the Seven Sisters
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Seven Sisters songlines tour with Margo Neale | Songlines & Lead Indigenous curator, NMA
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Initiated by Aboriginal elders, this award-winning exhibition set out to preserve the cultural knowledge of the Seven Sisters songlines for future generations and to promote understanding of songlines for all Australians.

This project was the culmination of more than five years of collaboration between Indigenous communities, the National Museum in Canberra and the Australian National University. Nothing of this scale had been attempted before

Visiting the WA Museum Boola Bardip from the National Museum of Australia, join exhibition curator Margo Neale for a tour where you will hear first-hand about this iconic exhibition's development, stories and impact.