Cultivating Capability: Explicating Critical Psychosocial Drivers of Educational Outcomes and Wellbeing for High-Ability Aboriginal Students

Research partner(s)
Western Sydney University
Australian Catholic University
University of Sydney

The project has conceptualised and validated a new multidimensional model and measure of wellbeing for Aboriginal high-ability students. It has also demonstrated that this model and measure is of salience to Aboriginal gifted primary and secondary students in Australia. It has also provided insights into: (1) high school transition, (2) new strategies for nurturing high-ability Aboriginal students who are underrepresented in selective settings, and (3) the effectiveness of NSW Department of Education distance education programs. The findings of this project provide advances in knowledge that will enhance future research, policy, and practice, to harness the talent of Aboriginal high-ability students.


The Multidimensional Student Well-being (MSW) instrument: Conceptualisation, measurement, and differences between Indigenous and non-Indigenous primary and secondary students
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Craven RG, Marsh HW, Yeung AS, Vasconcellos D, Dillon A, Ryan RM, Mooney J, Franklin A, Barclay L, Van Westenbrugge A.
Contemporary Educational Psychology
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