Noongar kaatdijin bidi: Noongar knowledge networks; or, Why is there no Noongar Wikipedia?

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University of Western Australia

Our main achievement is the Noongarpedia incubator site, currently featuring 680 entries, for a planned Noongar-language version of Wikipedia, with community-developed content and Wikimedia-appropriate protocols. The project focused on developing the social resources needed to populate the Noongarpedia. We expanded Noongar knowledge networks under three headings: Knowledge domains, agents, and sources. Domains focused on country; people; local knowledge. Agents were recruited via schools, colleges and community groups. Sources were developed with appropriate technical and access protocols. We have presented and published our work internationally, modelling global participation in endangered-language use via internet technologies.


Kaya wandjoo ngala Noongarpedia – Welcome to our Noongarpedia
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Jennie Buchanan, Len Collard, Ingrid Cumming, David Palmer, Kim Scott and John Hartley
Cultural Science Journal
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