Australia’s Epic Story

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University of Wollongong

Now is the Time to tell a culturally inclusive, globally significant human and environmental history of Australia. We like to call it, Australia’s Epic Story.
Australia has been shaped as a nation by its natural, historic and Indigenous heritage. To adapt successfully to future changes, we must dramatically improve our understanding of Australia’s past.
From remote tropical islands to ancient windswept lunettes, boggy swamps, and the arid interior — our mission is to collaborate with our Indigenous partners to fill the gaps in our knowledge about the natural and cultural history of our region.
Together, we are building and sharing knowledge, skills, and expertise from the oceans to the outback, in order to reveal a culturally inclusive, globally significant history of our region.
We adopting a transdisciplinary approach that will allow the parallel development of cultural and scientific narratives and are undertaking research that will safeguard our national heritage, transform research culture, connect with communities, and inform policy


Australia’s Epic Story
Centre of Excellence for Australian Biodiversity and Heritage
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