Pathways, policies and prevention: better outcomes for western Australian children

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The University of Western Australia
University of Western Australia

Pathways, policies and prevention: better outcomes for western Australian children. This project will provide new knowledge to inform and enable future policy and prevention strategies for improving child health and wellbeing. The collaboration between researchers and policy makers across 11 government departments will deliver a new evidence base for understanding child, family and community level factors that increase or reduce vulnerability to poor outcomes through the utilisation of cross-sectoral population data. This collaboration will inform whole of government intervention and prevention strategies to improve outcomes, as well as evaluate and monitor existing initiatives. This project will provide a model for population-based research and policy development both nationally and internationally.


Trends in hospital admissions for intimate partner violence in Australian mothers with children born from 1990 to 2009
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Orr, C., Preen, D., Fisher, C., Sims, S., O’Donnell, M.
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Pathways Policies and Prevention - Better Outcomes for Western Australian Children
Stanley Fiona, Leonard Helen, De Klerk Nicholas, Li Jianghong, Nassar Natasha, Zubrick Stephen, Taylor Catherine, Bartnik Eddie, Walker Patrick, Gwilliam Cheryl, Johnson Ian, Marney Tim, Murphy Terry, O'Callaghan Karl, O'Neill Sharyn, Searle Grahame.
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