Business development

Human Capital: ABS and RBA Joint Conference – 2024

This paper was written for the Australian Bureau of Statistics/Reserve Bank of Australia conference on Human Capital in June 2024.

Reconciling rival visions for Indigenous development in remote Australia

In the contemporary debate concerning how to address the poverty and disadvantage of Indigenous Australians living in remote regions, Noel Pearson and Jon Altman are two of the central intellectual

Australian Indigenous entrepreneurial leadership

Recent Australian research has identified that the success of an Indigenous business greatly relies on the business acumen of its owner.

Triumphing in a new Indigenous Australia. A new generation of professionals is triumphing in a new Indigenous Australia

There is a paucity of research that has explained the drivers of this success that has enabled these Indigenous Australians to lead productive and fulfilling lives.

Plant Business - Cooperative Research Centre for Remote Economic Participation (CRC-REP)

The Plant Business project concluded in June 2017.

The Aboriginal land estate in New South Wales

This project aims to investigate Aboriginal economic activity via the first extensive place-based ethnographic study of New South Wales (NSW) Aboriginal Land Council.