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Towards Truth

Towards Truth is a partnership between the Indigenous Law Centre and the Public Interest Advocacy Centre.

Missing, murdered and incarcerated Indigenous women in Australia: A literature review

Caution: Some people may find parts of this content confronting or distressing.

Missing and murdered First Nations women and children

Please be aware that some submissions contain sensitive material, such as descriptions of deaths, violence and abuse, including of babies, children, young people and women.

Justice Reinvestment in Australia: conceptual foundations for criminal justice innovation

Justice Reinvestment in Australia: conceptual foundations for criminal justice innovation.

Improving social and economic outcomes for children of incarcerated mothers

This project aims to identify how children’s experiences of maternal incarceration shape their life course.

Community sanctions in Australian criminal justice

Australia’s prison population is booming.

Advancing cross-cultural approaches to violence risk assessment

This research identified that the LS/RNR risk assessment instrument violated several definitions of fairness across Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders and non-Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islan

Policy orientation of non-health sectors to social determinants of health

This project aims to advance understanding of how Australian government policies in four sectors (justice, environment, planning, and industry) are oriented to action on social determinants of heal

Indigenous Justice Reports: new narratives and practices in sentencing

This project engages a participatory action research model to assess the impact of Indigenous Justice Reports in criminal sentencing on sentence practices and outcomes for Indigenous women.

Bringing Indigenous voices into judicial decision-making

This project aims to show how judgments can be written so as to be inclusive of Indigenous people's voices and histories.