Cultural safety

Missing and murdered First Nations women and children

Please be aware that some submissions contain sensitive material, such as descriptions of deaths, violence and abuse, including of babies, children, young people and women.

Indigenous young people's resilience and wellbeing

While some Indigenous youth in situations of adversity can experience the impact of negative behaviours and health outcomes; others do not.

“Cultural Security Is an On-Going Journey” Exploring Views from Staff Members on the Quality and Cultural Security of Services for Aboriginal Families in Western Australia

Cultural security is a key element of accessible services for Indigenous peoples globally, although few studies have examined this empirically.

Cultural connectedness for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander adolescents

This Project aims to investigate the ways in which the cultural determinants of health and well-being sustained the development of healthy psychosocial resilience for Aboriginal and Torres Strait I

Stories of hope and resilience: Using new media and storytelling to faciliate 'wellness' in Indigenous communities

This project explored how the experience of storytelling using new media can impact on Indigenous people’s sense of wellness.

Racism symposium and development of communication materials

Mibbinbah Project Leader Jack Bulman raised the profile of Mibbinbah at a February 2008 meeting of Indigenous male researchers in Alice Springs, which he helped organise.

Improving the patient journey for Indigenous patients from remote areas

This project supports a program of cultural reforms to improve cultural sensitivity in acute health care institutions.

The Family and Community Safety for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples (FaCtS) Study

Improving family and community safety is a priority for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities and organisations, and governments, but to date there has been insufficient appropriate evi