Land management and rights

Archaeology and Natural History

This project aims to provide critical new information on the archaeology and natural history of one of the world’s largest unregulated desert river systems.

Environmental Transformations linked to Early Human Occupation in Northern Australia

How have interactions between climatic change, human activities and other disturbances over thousands of years shaped the landscapes we know today in Australia?

The Foley Collection

The Foley Collection is a selection of digital works from a major historic archive collected over the past 45 years by Aboriginal activi

The Aboriginal land estate in New South Wales

This project aims to investigate Aboriginal economic activity via the first extensive place-based ethnographic study of New South Wales (NSW) Aboriginal Land Council.

Aboriginal landscape transformations in south-west Australia

This project will inform present day land management strategies by assessing the extent to which the landscape at the time of European colonisation was an artefact of management practices of Indige

“Waka Ngurrkanhayngu”: Regenerating the existence of life Reducing the risk of natural and social disasters – reviving and strengthening Indigenous law, culture and governance in remote Indigenous communities

Reducing disaster risks is an urgent priority. Especially in Northern Australia substantial natural processes seriously threaten human health and life, and bear enormous environmental, social and e

Environmental Stewardship Resurgence in Walbanga (Yuin Nation) Land and Sea Country

The Environmental Stewardship Resurgence in Walbanga (Yuin Nation) Land and Sea Country project is a collaborative action-research initiative led by Mogo Local Aboriginal Land Council (LALC).

Yugul Mangi Rangers: Two-way biodiversity project 

This project enters Western and Indigenous scientific knowledge into the ALA and provides a two-way Indigenous engagement to encourage more Indigenous content, and importantly feedback loops to mak

Ngarrindjeri Yarluwar-Ruwe Program

The Ngarrindjeri Yarluwar-Ruwe Program provides a culturally appropriate and strategic mechanism for the facilitation of Ngarrindjeri engagement in the integrated management of Murrundi (River Murr

Ngadju kala: Ngadju fire knowledge and contemporary fire management in the Great Western Woodlands

Ngadju country covers a significant part of the region known as the Great Western Woodlands in south-western Australia.