Music and dance

AusStage LIEF 7: the oldest and most extensive national dataset on live performance

AusStage is a pioneering database that holds over quarter of a million records about Australian performance.

Indigenous Futurity: Milpirri as Experimental Ceremony

This project aims to develop a long-term research partnership between Warlpiri Indigenous knowledge holders, anthropologists, and community arts industry partner Tracks Dance Company.

Vitality and change in Warlpiri songs at Yuendumu

Vitality and change in Warlpiri songs at Yuendumu.

The role of First Nations’ music as a determinant of health

First Nations' People's well-being is a national priority.

Re-integrating Central Australian community cultural collections

This project has digitised 17,564 files of legacy images, audio and video (5.92TB) in the Central Land Council (CLC) region of the Northern Territory pertaining to Indigenous people, their cultural

Preserving Aboriginal language through song archives

This project has recirculated and built knowledge of Nyungar song tradition through collaboration with researchers, Nyungar consultants, and community in workshops and performances across the south

Tracking three significant Songlines of Country

This project aims to track three significant Songlines and the intersecting and interconnected cultural relationships between northwest NSW Aboriginal language groups, and their neighbouring langua

Hearing histories of the western Pilbara: An interdisciplinary study of Indigenous songs composed in the Pilbara region of Western Australia in the twentieth century and technologies to sustain them into the future 

This project aims to investigate Indigenous song traditions of the western Pilbara through current practice and legacy recordings.