Oral history

Our country, our healer: exploring the traditional lithotherapeutics of the Aboriginal pharmacopoeia

Aboriginal people of the Greater Hunter region of New South Wales had access to two exceptional geological formations, which provided them with access to valuable mineral resources.

The politicised child in postcolonial community: a political ontology of childhood and memory examined through cases in Australia and Canada

The project investigates the meaning and use of childhood in recent political and social movements, such as the 'Stolen Generations' in Australia and sterilised children in Canada.

Oceanic encounters: exchange, desire, violence

This volume, the result of ongoing collaborations between Australian and French anthropologists, historians and linguists, explores encounters between Pacific peoples and foreigners during the long

Negotiated Encounters: Native peoples and cross cultural engagements in the early Australian and New Zealand maritime enterprises 1790-1850.

"Negotiated Encounters" will provide new accounts and interpretations of Australian and New Zealand colonial history.

Archaeology and Natural History

This project aims to provide critical new information on the archaeology and natural history of one of the world’s largest unregulated desert river systems.

AusStage, Phase 5: Australian live performance and the world - global networks, national culture, aesthetic transmission

AusStage Phase 5: Australian live performance and the world – global networks, national culture and aesthetic transmission: AusStage stimulates new approaches to collaborative research and pioneers

Conviction Politics: A digital investigation of the convict routes of Australian democracy

Conviction Politics is an international digital history project exploring the impact of radicals and rebels transported as political convicts to Australia on their place of exile, and the patterns

Stories from the past: the impact of industrialisation on the human microbiome

This project aims to explore the history and origin of ‘Industrial’ diseases such as obesity, diabetes, heart disease and autism.

Cross-cultural management of freshwater on resource-constrained islands

This project aims to develop a methodology for community-led adaptive water management on resource-constrained islands and will involve Indigenous communities in the development of predictive groun

AusStage LIEF 7: the oldest and most extensive national dataset on live performance

AusStage is a pioneering database that holds over quarter of a million records about Australian performance.