What Aboriginal cosmology means for women and gender public policy

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Charles Darwin University

This project saw the aspirations of a senior cultural elder Dr Kathy- Gotha Guthadjaka obtain prestigious awards gained through her dedication and commitment to her people living in remote homeland community called Gawa on Elcho Island. Dr Guthadjaka was awarded her Honorary Doctorate in 2018 through Charles Darwin University and her Order of Australia Medal in 2018. Gotha made huge sacrifices to establish Gawa over 40 years ago. Recently she became chronically ill and had to relocate to Darwin for medical treatment. The project provided a pathway to better engage with Indigenous people in the Northern Territory. The original scope of the project was slightly modified.


Warramiri Yolŋu Cosmology An introduction
Journal article
Van Gelderen, Ben; Guthadjaka, Kathy; Ford, Linda; Bukulatjpi, James Wäluŋ; Ford, Chloe; Ford, Emily; Danganbar, Bettina ; Yuhun, Pawinee
Learning Communities: International Journal of Learning in Social contexts
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