Cultural continuity and transmission

Our country, our healer: exploring the traditional lithotherapeutics of the Aboriginal pharmacopoeia

Aboriginal people of the Greater Hunter region of New South Wales had access to two exceptional geological formations, which provided them with access to valuable mineral resources.

Oceanic encounters: exchange, desire, violence

This volume, the result of ongoing collaborations between Australian and French anthropologists, historians and linguists, explores encounters between Pacific peoples and foreigners during the long

Australia’s Epic Story

Now is the Time to tell a culturally inclusive, globally significant human and environmental history of Australia. We like to call it, Australia’s Epic Story.

From ancient to modern environments in southeastern Australia: evidence from the unique natural archives of Lake George

The year 2020 marked the 200th anniversary of European settlers first encountering the ‘noble expanse of water’ of Lake George in New South Wales.

Archaeology and Natural History

This project aims to provide critical new information on the archaeology and natural history of one of the world’s largest unregulated desert river systems.

Cross-cultural management of freshwater on resource-constrained islands

This project aims to develop a methodology for community-led adaptive water management on resource-constrained islands and will involve Indigenous communities in the development of predictive groun

AusStage LIEF 7: the oldest and most extensive national dataset on live performance

AusStage is a pioneering database that holds over quarter of a million records about Australian performance.

Children born of war: Australia and the War in the Pacific 1941 - 1944

The Project worked with more than forty Children Born of War in Australia, most born to Indigenous Australian mothers and African American fathers during the second world war, to document their exp

Facing new worlds: comparative histories of Australasia and North America

Facing New Worlds turns around a major exhibition to be held at the National Portrait Gallery in 2020 in conjunction with the Smithsonian.

Howitt & Fison’s anthropology

Howitt and Fison carried out some of the earliest anthropological research in Australia and left extensive archival materials on language, kinship, and social organisation.