Cultural knowledge

Cultural Resilience for Children in Out of Home Care

There is a crisis in the over-representation of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children in Australia’s child protection system.

Binung Ma Na Du: Cultural stories and living histories on Wakka Wakka Country

To effectively teach Wakka Wakka language, schools must have access to high quality local curriculum resources, and these must be made in partnership and under the leadership of traditional owners

“Waka Ngurrkanhayngu: Regenerating the existence of life”: Reducing the risk of natural & social disasters - reviving & strengthening

Reducing disaster risks is an urgent priority. Especially in Northern Australia substantial natural processes seriously threaten human health and life, and bear enormous environmental, social and e

A Model for Integrating Cultural Knowledge Systems and Western Science in the Management of Wadandi Boodja (Margaret River), Western Australia

This project will demonstrate a pathway to re-embed a Wadandi Songline as a conservation corridor in a socially and ecologically fragmented landscape.

Environmental Stewardship Resurgence in Walbanga (Yuin Nation) Land and Sea Country

The Environmental Stewardship Resurgence in Walbanga (Yuin Nation) Land and Sea Country project is a collaborative action-research initiative led by Mogo Local Aboriginal Land Council (LALC).

Understanding pathways to support Yolngu children and families to achieve string learning in two systems

Dharraŋanamirr dhukarr guŋgayunaraw djamarrkuḻiw ga gurruṯumirriw marŋgikunharaw ḏälkunharaw gakalwun dhiyakun marrmaw’nha romgun.

Indigenous Data Network (IDN) National Survey: Indigenous-controlled Research Organisations

This project will seek to address the question of how existing datasets documenting the Indigenous Australian population may be linked together to create an integrated data model in both technical

Growing up children in two worlds: Building Yolŋu skills, knowledge and priorities into early childhood assessment and support 

Project Aim:  To privilege Aboriginal knowledge and provide a deeper understanding of the priorities and practices of early childhood development from the perspectives of community members in this

Wirrawi Bubuwul – Aboriginal Women Strong

The scholastic success of Bolongaia (Maria Lock), at the Parramatta Native Institution in 1819, arguably positions her as an academic giant.