Our country, our healer: exploring the traditional lithotherapeutics of the Aboriginal pharmacopoeia

Aboriginal people of the Greater Hunter region of New South Wales had access to two exceptional geological formations, which provided them with access to valuable mineral resources.

Indigenous leaders: lawful relations from encounter to treaty

This project aims to draw together history, law and the creative arts to recover, make visible and make accessible the continuous traditions of Indigenous people’s leadership in conducting lawful r

Indigenous young people's resilience and wellbeing

While some Indigenous youth in situations of adversity can experience the impact of negative behaviours and health outcomes; others do not.

Recognition after Uluru: what next for First Nations?

This project aims to examine the extent to which Australia’s system of government appropriately serves and represents the interests of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.

Northland Secondary College: Koori kids' education

This project, initiated via the Aboriginal History Archive, used extensive community engagement to re-gather the Aboriginal & non-Aboriginal students, parents, staff and community artists &

Remote Aboriginal families and carers of children with disabilities

The project intends to explore the challenges that Aboriginal families who have children with disabilities experience when living in remote communities.

A study of how Aboriginal women fare in liberal democracies

This study of how Aboriginal women fare in liberal democracies will contribute to a better understanding of the challenges faced by Aboriginal women in Australia.

Djet Biyoo (Flower Awakening)

Since August 2020 we have completed two field trips and one on-Country consultation to Wudjari Country (Fitzgerald River National Park, WA).