Family history

What works? A qualitative exploration of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander healing programs that respond to family violence

This report presents findings from a research project that aimed to determine “what works” in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander healing programs across the nation that respond to family violenc

The politicised child in postcolonial community: a political ontology of childhood and memory examined through cases in Australia and Canada

The project investigates the meaning and use of childhood in recent political and social movements, such as the 'Stolen Generations' in Australia and sterilised children in Canada.

Oceanic encounters: exchange, desire, violence

This volume, the result of ongoing collaborations between Australian and French anthropologists, historians and linguists, explores encounters between Pacific peoples and foreigners during the long

Conviction Politics: A digital investigation of the convict routes of Australian democracy

Conviction Politics is an international digital history project exploring the impact of radicals and rebels transported as political convicts to Australia on their place of exile, and the patterns

Vitality and change in Warlpiri songs at Yuendumu

Vitality and change in Warlpiri songs at Yuendumu.

Keeping culture: Utilising Koori Elders wisdom and knowledge in education

Utilising Aboriginal Research Methodologies of oral history and yarning, the project identified the importance of Aboriginal Elders wisdom, knowledge, perspectives and experiences in supporting edu

An Indigenous Australian Dictionary of Biography

The project will research Indigenous biography through collaboration between Indigenous researchers and the Australian Dictionary of Biography (ADB).

A demographic and socio-medical history of the Aboriginal People of Victoria 1800-2000: reconstitutions and epidemiological analysis

We have produced a world-first historical demographic and epidemiological database that will be of continuing cultural and professional value to the Indigenous and research communities, and which c

Aboriginal Visual Histories: Photographing Indigenous Australians

This project will strengthen our understanding of Australia's place in the world and enhance our capacity to interpret ourselves by showing how we have been perceived internationally through v

Indigenous services leading the way for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children in out-of-home care

There is a crisis in the over-representation of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children in Australia’s child protection system.