Language teaching

How free is free?: word order in Australian Indigenous languages

This project aims to address the fundamental issue of how the grammatical structure of the language we speak shapes the way we plan and interpret sentences.

Noongar kaatdijin bidi: Noongar knowledge networks; or, Why is there no Noongar Wikipedia?

Our main achievement is the Noongarpedia incubator site, currently featuring 680 entries, for a planned Noongar-language version of Wikipedia, with community-developed content and Wikimedia-appropr

Re-integrating Central Australian community cultural collections

This project has digitised 17,564 files of legacy images, audio and video (5.92TB) in the Central Land Council (CLC) region of the Northern Territory pertaining to Indigenous people, their cultural

In the Time of Their Lives. Wangka kutjupa-kutjuparringu: How talk has changed in the Western Desert

The Western Desert Verbal Arts Collection is a unique compilation of audio-visual recordings of the oral traditions and endangered speech styles of the Ngaanyatjarra, Ngaatjatjarra and Pitjantjatja