Social and emotional wellbeing

Getting better at chronic care in rural Indigenous communities

The life expectancy gap for Indigenous people in Australia is 13-17 years and most of this gap is due to preventable chronic disease (diabetes, heart, lung and renal problems) in adults.

By us, for us - Understanding & measuring First Nations cultural learning & wellbeing

The provision and evaluation of First Nations early childhood and youth initiatives is characterised by a lack of culturally appropriate, place-based assessment frameworks and outcome measures.

Local Decision-Making: Priority Setting in the Alice Springs Town Camps

We have developed a Wellness Framework for Aboriginal people residing in Alice Springs Town Camps and have utilised this framework to develop a robust survey tool to measure the wellness of Town Ca

Truth, Justice and Healing Project

The Ebony Institute has completed a discussion paper on the strengths and weaknesses of Australian and global experiences with truth-telling and truth-seeking to date (stage 1).

The Indigenous Women's Wellness Research Program

he project was based on the north side of Brisbane, a large urban city in Queensland, Australia (Walker, Fredericks, & Anderson, 2012).

Quantifying the health benefits of on-country activities in the remote Indigenous community of Groote Eylandt

This project measured the benefits that the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people of Groote Eylandt gain when they go ‘on-country’.

Cultural connectedness for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander adolescents

This Project aims to investigate the ways in which the cultural determinants of health and well-being sustained the development of healthy psychosocial resilience for Aboriginal and Torres Strait I

Stories of hope and resilience: Using new media and storytelling to faciliate 'wellness' in Indigenous communities

This project explored how the experience of storytelling using new media can impact on Indigenous people’s sense of wellness.

Racism symposium and development of communication materials

The main outcomes of this project were a national symposium to focus on the impact of racism on the health and wellbeing of children and young people from minority backgrounds, with a focus on thos

Control and empowerment in social determinants of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health

In this project, a 10-year collaborative Empowerment Research Program (ERP) was designed to assess the contribution of empowerment to addressing the social determinants of Indigenous health and wel