Health justice

What works? A qualitative exploration of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander healing programs that respond to family violence

This report presents findings from a research project that aimed to determine “what works” in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander healing programs across the nation that respond to family violenc

Stigma and discrimination and their detrimental impact on social inclusion and health and well-being

Stigma and discrimination and their detrimental impact on social inclusion and health and well-being.

Providing real-time feedback on diet quality in remote Indigenous communities to support policy makers and other key stakeholders in making decisions to improve food supply and access in remote Indigenous communities.

Poor diet underpins the excessive burden of preventable chronic disease experienced by Indigenous Australians living in remote communities.

Policy orientation of non-health sectors to social determinants of health

This project aims to advance understanding of how Australian government policies in four sectors (justice, environment, planning, and industry) are oriented to action on social determinants of heal

Building An Indigenist Health Humanities Collective

This proposal aims to develop Indigenist Health Humanities as a new and innovative field of inquiry, building an intellectual collective capable of bridging the knowledge gap that hinders current e

Planning for a better life under the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS)

This project aims to analyse and define the experiences and expectations of people with disability in rural and remote regions.

Breaking the silence - AI for Deaf mob


In Australia, Deaf and hard-of-hearing Aboriginal people face significant communication barriers, especially in legal and healthcare settings.

“Cultural Security Is an On-Going Journey” Exploring Views from Staff Members on the Quality and Cultural Security of Services for Aboriginal Families in Western Australia

Cultural security is a key element of accessible services for Indigenous peoples globally, although few studies have examined this empirically.

Winnunga prison health study

This project was initiated by the Winnunga Nimmityjah Aboriginal Health Service (WNAHS) in response to the construction of the ACT’s first prison, the Alexander Maconochie Correctional Centre, whic

Racism symposium and development of communication materials

Mibbinbah Project Leader Jack Bulman raised the profile of Mibbinbah at a February 2008 meeting of Indigenous male researchers in Alice Springs, which he helped organise.