Student wellbeing

Human Capital: ABS and RBA Joint Conference – 2024

This paper was written for the Australian Bureau of Statistics/Reserve Bank of Australia conference on Human Capital in June 2024.

Exploring the Effects of Boarding School on Academic and Non-academic Outcomes: A Longitudinal Study of Boarding and Day Students

There is little large-scale Australian and international research assessing the effects of boarding school on academic and non-academic outcomes.

Aboriginal/Indigenous students in high school: Understanding their motivation, engagement, academic buoyancy, and achievement

Academic buoyancy has been defined as a capacity to overcome setbacks, challenges, and difficulties that are part of everyday academic life.

Responding to Indigenous students' and their communities' voiced experiences regarding effective teaching practices: a catholic education initiative

The study presents the outcomes of the first two phases of a four phase Australian-based research initiative which seeks to support a better understanding of classroom practices that have value in

Transforming Lives and Communities: Impact of Quality Indigenous Education

This research project, undertaken by IPPE in partnership with The Scots College, will explore the impact of Indigenous education programs in transforming lives and communities.

Indigenous peoples’ experiences of cyberbullying: An assemblage approach

A recent nationally representative survey by the Australia Institute (2019) found that 39% of Australians have experienced some form of cyber-hatred and violence, and that it has cost the Australia

Co-designing Indigenous education policy in Queensland

The Australian Government consistently reports the lack of progress in relation to improving educational outcomes for Indigenous Australians.

Cultivating Capability: Explicating Critical Psychosocial Drivers of Educational Outcomes and Wellbeing for High-Ability Aboriginal Students

The project has conceptualised and validated a new multidimensional model and measure of wellbeing for Aboriginal high-ability students.

Preparing Aboriginal students in remote communities for life beyond school

This project aims to better prepare young Aboriginal adults as they transition from Vocational Education and Training school education to life beyond school, including into the workplace.

Conditions for Success to Enhance Aboriginal Education

Aboriginal students remain the most educationally disadvantaged Australians.