AWRAE: Aboriginal Women’s Research Assistant & Evaluation Training Project

Currently, young women in remote Australia face limited on-country employment opportunities.

Blak Women's Healing

The numbers of Aboriginal children in Out-of-Home Care and Protective Orders are increasing and the Footprints for Success (Footprints) Early Years Project has a number of families under the scruti

The Indigenous Women's Wellness Research Program

he project was based on the north side of Brisbane, a large urban city in Queensland, Australia (Walker, Fredericks, & Anderson, 2012).

Evaluation of innovative models of interagency partnerships, collaboration, coordination and/or integrated responses to family and/or sexual violence against women in Australian Indigenous communities

Over the past decade, there have been an increasing number of Indigenous-specific responses to violence against women, including interagency collaborations, integrated responses and a range of inno

Existing knowledge, practice and responses to  violence against women in Australian Indigenous  communities

This paper is a comprehensive review of published literature to present the current state of knowledge, practice and responses to violence against women in Australian Indigenous communities.

“We are sacred”: An intercultural and multilingual approach to understanding reproductive health literacy for Yolŋu girls and women in remote Northern Australia

Indigenous women continue to experience reproductive health in-equities.

It's more than just having a baby' women's experiences of a maternity service for Australian Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander families

The Malabar Community Midwifery Link Service was developed to meet the needs of women from Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island in suburban Sydney, Australia.

Social and Cultural Resilience and Emotional Wellbeing of Aboriginal Mothers in Prison

Despite an expanding female prisoner population, research and policy initiatives centred on the health and other needs of female prisoners have been slow to respond 3.

Wirrawi Bubuwul – Aboriginal Women Strong

The scholastic success of Bolongaia (Maria Lock), at the Parramatta Native Institution in 1819, arguably positions her as an academic giant.