Children and young people

The health of urban Aboriginal children

The government is committed to reducing the gap in Aboriginal health.

Cultural Resilience for Children in Out of Home Care

There is a crisis in the over-representation of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children in Australia’s child protection system.

Binung Ma Na Du: Cultural stories and living histories on Wakka Wakka Country

To effectively teach Wakka Wakka language, schools must have access to high quality local curriculum resources, and these must be made in partnership and under the leadership of traditional owners

By us, for us - Understanding & measuring First Nations cultural learning & wellbeing

The provision and evaluation of First Nations early childhood and youth initiatives is characterised by a lack of culturally appropriate, place-based assessment frameworks and outcome measures.

Setting the foundations for Aboriginal community-led child protection research

The over-representation of Indigenous children in child protection systems remains a pressing human rights issue facing Australia.

Resilience through art as education

Gija people are strong and resilient despite many things that have happened to us. We have been on Gija land since our ancestors created the country and everything in it, but there have been major

Understanding pathways to support Yolngu children and families to achieve string learning in two systems

Dharraŋanamirr dhukarr guŋgayunaraw djamarrkuḻiw ga gurruṯumirriw marŋgikunharaw ḏälkunharaw gakalwun dhiyakun marrmaw’nha romgun.

Blak Women's Healing

The numbers of Aboriginal children in Out-of-Home Care and Protective Orders are increasing and the Footprints for Success (Footprints) Early Years Project has a number of families under the scruti

Footprints in Time - The Longitudinal Study of Indigenous Children (LSIC)

Footprints in Time is the name given to the Longitudinal Study of Indigenous Children (LSIC), an initiative of the Australian Government.

“Anybody can make kids; it takes a real man to look after your kids”: Aboriginal men’s discourse on parenting

Men in general have largely been overlooked from contributing to the parenting conversation and ‘until fairly recently, most research on family behaviour focused on women and children’ exclusively.