Children and young people

Missing and murdered First Nations women and children

Please be aware that some submissions contain sensitive material, such as descriptions of deaths, violence and abuse, including of babies, children, young people and women.

What works? A qualitative exploration of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander healing programs that respond to family violence

This report presents findings from a research project that aimed to determine “what works” in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander healing programs across the nation that respond to family violenc

Enhancing children’s journeys through Out of Home Care: A multi-perspective study

Researchers at The University of Queensland, Life Course Centre, in collaboration with a range of partner organisations, will undertake a three-year study to examine children’s experiences of out-o

Responding to Indigenous students' and their communities' voiced experiences regarding effective teaching practices: a catholic education initiative

The study presents the outcomes of the first two phases of a four phase Australian-based research initiative which seeks to support a better understanding of classroom practices that have value in

Developing a Service Integration Toolkit to improve the quality of adolescent mental health promotion services in Cape York: A program of mixed methods research

Services can benefit from stronger integration to seamlessly meet the mental health needs of Indigenous adolescents.

Transforming Lives and Communities: Impact of Quality Indigenous Education

This research project, undertaken by IPPE in partnership with The Scots College, will explore the impact of Indigenous education programs in transforming lives and communities.

Indigenous peoples’ experiences of cyberbullying: An assemblage approach

A recent nationally representative survey by the Australia Institute (2019) found that 39% of Australians have experienced some form of cyber-hatred and violence, and that it has cost the Australia

Indigenous young people's resilience and wellbeing

While some Indigenous youth in situations of adversity can experience the impact of negative behaviours and health outcomes; others do not.

Northland Secondary College: Koori kids' education

This project, initiated via the Aboriginal History Archive, used extensive community engagement to re-gather the Aboriginal & non-Aboriginal students, parents, staff and community artists &

Aboriginal child restoration from out-of-home care: pathways for success

The soaring rates of Indigenous children living in out-of-home care requires an urgent response.